Updates on Stuff

It’s been a while since I have posted anything to this blog, so I thought that I would post an update about what has been going on, writing wise, with me. So here it is. I have been pretty busy with other stuff lately, and so I haven’t had much of a chance to write any more ‘bad fiction’ or really any other kind of fiction. But I am still waiting to see if I can get my first book published, and that is one of my goals for this year. Also I have started to write my second book. It will be completely different from my first book, and from my point of view, hopefully even better. Although I think that this second book will be harder to write and will take longer to write, if only because I don’t now have the kind of free time to write like i did when I wrote ‘Looking for Area 420’. Anyway maybe in the future I’ll post a preview of the first chapter or so of this new book that I am writing. And also in the near future, I plan on adding more short stories – ‘bad fiction’ – for this blog here, so come back soon, ya hear?