Free Preview of My New Book


Some time within the next few days I will post a free preview of a book that I wrote recently. I will post the names of all the chapters and probably most of the first chapter. The book is around 450 pages or so and took me about a month to write. I think that the book is pretty good but I don’t know if it is good enough to be published or not. So I’ll throw the first chapter out there and see if I get any good feedback. So check back for more about this book later.

For now I can give the title of the book and a short background about it. The title is “Looking for Area 420” by Shane Zentz. I wrote it mainly to work on writing dialog, so there is a lot of dialog and plenty of action as well. It contains a mix of several interesting themes and subjects. I will post more information about it soon, so check back to learn more…..

Thanks for reading my blog!