Stanksgiving : Chapter 2

Stanksgiving : Chapter 2


Sorry for the long delay again, but here comes chapter 2, and I will try to get the rest finished soon……..

Here it is!




Chapter 2: Cookin’ it up!

Harold goes back down stairs and returns to Sally in the kitchen. As he enters the kitchen, Sally is still trying to finish cooking up Thanksgiving dinner. “You didn’t go and clog up that there toilet, did you Harold”, Sally asked? “Hell no, that toilet is an American classic, it’s a 1952 Stoutart, built with pride in America”, Harold said. He had kept the toilet for many years. It had originally been in the house he grew up in as a child. He had a special fondness for that toilet and he intended on passing it down to his first born son, when the time came. “You thinks that toilet is something special, don’t you”, Sally wondered? “That toilet is a classic, I tells you”, Harold said emphatically. “Alright, I’m not going to argues with you about your damn toilet again”, Sally said while trying to return to her cooking.


Harold was enjoying the smells in the kitchen but also wondering where all the guests were and when would they be coming. “Why don’t you goes and watch some footballs on that there TV Harold”, Sally asked? “Yes, that sounds good”, Harold said. “But where is everybody at, they all should be here by now”, Harold asked? “They are all coming straight away, and they will be here soon enough, you just go and watch your footballs”, Sally demanded. Sally gives Harold a shove towards the living room and he heads out there and turns on the TV. “Hey its the Detroit Lions against the Chicago Bears”, Harold yells out to Sally. Sally didn’t hear or to be more accurate she didn’t pay any attention to what Harold had said. “This game is gonna be a classic, I tells ya”, Harold said. Harold sat down in his favorite chair and began to watch the game. He was trying to figure out the score but it was not on the screen just yet so Harold had to wait.


Meanwhile, Sally was just about to finish up everything in the kitchen. So she starts to put everything in large bowls and serving plates. “Hey Harold, if your not busy can you help me carry some of this here food outs to the dining room”, she asked? “Yes ‘mam, I’m a coming”, Harold said. Harold enters the kitchen and the smell of all the good food hits him in the nose and his stomach begins to growl loudly from hunger and anticipation of the upcoming great thanksgiving meal. “What on earth was that there noise”, Sally asked? “That was just my stomach”, Harold said. “I sure enough am gettin’ hungry now and this here food all smells great”, Harold continued. “Well then gets a move on and starts to carry some of this out to the dining room, and we’ll be eating soon enough”, Sally said. And Harold began to carry some of the large bowls and serving plates to the dining room, and Sally also helped carry some too.


After a whiles, all of the food, save for the 42-pound turkey, which was still cookin away in the oven, was finally on the dining room table. “I had better go and check on that there turkey and see if its near to gettin done”, Sally says. “Ok, now don’t you go and burn it”, Harold jokes. “Now you know I aint gonna burn that bird, and in facts I would bet you that it will be the best turkey you will ever have”, Sally says emphatically. Harold returns to the living room to watch his football game and Sally goes to the kitchen to check on the turkey. Harold finally finds out that the score of the game is all tied at 3 points a piece. And Sally finds that the turkey is well done and nearly ready to cut and serve. All that was really left to do was a little cleaning up of the kitchen and wait for the guests to arrive. So, Sally begins to clean up. And a little whiles later, the doorbell rings and the guests begin to arrive.