Stanksgiving : Chapter 3

Stanksgiving : Chapter 3


Here comes chapter 3, check back for chapter 4 soon……..

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Chapter 3: Out of the Oven!

“Ding Dong”, the door-bell rang. “There goes that there door-bell”, Sally says. Harold gets up out of his favorite chair and peeks out the front picture window and sees a large crowd of friends and family. “Looks like just about everybody whats we invited are all heres now”, he says. Sally also peeks out the window and sees the same small crowd that Harold had just seen, as Harold goes to the front door and opens it. “Happy Thanksgiving”, he yells. “Happy Thanksgiving”, the small crowd of people yells back at him and Sally. “Well, are you gonna invite us inside or are we gonna freeze to death out here”, Harold’s brother Bill asks? “Well come on in out of the cold”, Harold says as he and Sally move back to let the group in. “Y’all can hangs your coats and hats on that there coat rack”, Sally says whilst pointing to a wooden coat rack near a closet. And the group of friends and relatives begins to say hellos and start to make conversations while taking off their coats and hats and beginning to warm up and get comfortable.

Harold looked around and went around talking to everyone who had showed up to their Thanksgiving party this year. Everyone pretty much looked the same as last year, Harold thought. Everyone except Uncle Larry. Uncle Larry had been going through some tough times lately and Harold and Sally knew all about it. “All this here food sure enough smells great, Harold”, Uncle Larry said. “Ya and you looks like you haven’t eaten since last Thanksgiving, Uncle Larry”, Harold said. Uncle Larry scratched his forehead as if to wonder what exactly Harold, his nephew was talking about. “Well now, what on earths do you mean by that”, Uncle Larry said. “You looks like you’ve lost quite a lot of weight there, Uncle Larry”, Harold stated. “Oh ya, I guess I have lost a few pounds since last year”, Uncle Larry said. “You sees, my doctor put me on this here vegitarian diets, wheres you can only eats greens most days. But on special occasians I can have some meat, and you hads better believe that this here Thanksgiving is one of them there special occasians wheres I can eats meat”, Uncle Larry said while laughing. “Well then, I’m glad to hear that, Uncle Larry, because we done went and cooked us up a 42 pound turkey”, Harold said. “You must be jokin’, a forty-two pound turkey”, Uncle Larry said. “Yep, you heards me right, and It’ll be comin on out here in just a few minutes”, Harold said.

As the conversations carried on, in the kitchen a few of the ladies were helping Sally with all of the last minute cookin’ preperations. The conversations coming from the living room and the dining room were spilling into the kitchen, and they were getting louder and louder, indicating to Sally that everyone was well hungry and waiting to eat. “We better gets this here Thanksgiving dinner started before that there crowd gets up and out of control”, Sally said to no one in particular. “Is that there huge turkey done cookin’ up yet”, one of the ladies asked? “Well now, just lets me have another look”, Sally said. Then Sally went to the oven and slowly opened up the door. She peeked inside and saw that the large turkey was indeed done. “Ya, this turkey is sure enough done”, Sally said. But then Sally realized that it was not going to be so easy to get it out of the oven. Because it was so heavy that Harold had to put it into the oven in the first place, and even that was a struggle for him. And that is when it was still all cold and frozen! “I’m gonna needs some help to get this turkey out of this here oven”, Sally said.

“Hey, Harold, can you come in here for a minute”, Sally yelled out into the dining room. “Sure, I’ll be there in just a second”, Harold yelled back. And then Harold went into the kitchen. “Is that there turkey just about done cookin'”, Harold asked? “Ya, it’s done enough, but we will need some kind of help to get it up and out of that there oven”, Sally said. Harold then felt all of the heavy heat coming up and out of the oven. He then walked over to it and bent over and stuck his head closer to both get a better look and a better smell. While the heat was well excessive, harold noted that the turkey smelled great! And he noticed that it seemed to look fine as well, with the exception of some green slime oozing out of the rear cavity of the bird. “You did a great job on this here 42 pound turkey, honey”, Harold said to Sally. Sally smiled and then said, “thanks, honey. Now go and gets someone strong to help you with that there turkey. If you goes and drops it on the floors I’ll have to hit you upside your head with this here skillet”! Harold knew that she was joking but still took the threat seriously. He went back out to the dining room to fetch up someone just as strong as he was.

“Out of the way, hot turkey comin’ through”, Harold yelled as he and one of the guests carried the heavy turkey out into the dining room, leaving a trail of hot steam and the smell of fresh cooked turkey as they went. The guests all gasped at once when they saw the size of the 42 pound turkey. “That is the largest damn turkey I ever have seen”, one guest was overheard saying. “Are you sure that that there thing is really a turkey and not an ostrich or something”, another guest wondered out loud? The guests all couldn’t believe their own eyes. But the turkey looked great and smelled great too. “Come on everybody and gather arounds whilst I cut this here turkey”, Harold said. And soon enough there was a whole croud gathered all around Harold to watch him cut the 42 pound turkey…..