Stanksgiving : Chapter 4

Stanksgiving : Chapter 4


Here’s chapter 4, check back for the ending soon……..

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Chapter Four: Zombified!

Harold raised the knife as he was ready to cut the 42 pound turkey. “First, I wants to thank all of you for coming to our Thanksgiving party this year”, Harold said. “And now, I knows that all of you are very hungry and you all wants to eat, so I’m a gonna cut up this here turkey, cause it sure enough smells too good to eat”, Harold added. The crowd stood in anticipation of seeing the turkey all cut up. Harold brought the knife and an utensil to help to cut the meat straight down to one side of the turkey and added a focused and intense look on his face as he prepared to make the first cut. A small bead of sweat ran down his forehead as he took in a long and deep breath. “Hey that there bird just moved”, someone in the crowd yelled out. Harold stopped and looked down closer at the turkey. “That turkey didn’t move, y’all stops tryin to all fool with me there”, Harold said.

“What’s all that there green stuff oozing out from behind that there turkey”, Uncle Larry asked? Harold looked at the rear of the turkey and saw what Uncle Larry was talking about. “I wonder what that there green stuff is”, Harold wondered? “I thinks that that is just some of the stuffing up in there”, Sally said. “Well, I’ll just sees about that”, Harold said. And with that, Harold took his index finger and stuck it right into the rear cavity of the turkey, and when his finger was all wet and slippery with the green stuff, he brought up the finger to his mouth and stuck it in. “Whoa, lord”, Harold yelled as a look of horror came across his face. “Now what’s wrong with that”, Sally asked? “That tastes like rotten garbage”, Harold said as he tried to keep from puking. “That there turkey just moved again”, someone from the group said. “Now, I’m not so sure about eatin’ this here bird”, Harold said. “Oh, just stop it everyone, that there turkey is just fine on the insides, even if the stuffing isn’t any good”, Sally insisted.

“Sally is right y’all”, Harold said after regaining his taste and composure. “Now, let’s stop all of this here non-sense and I’m a gonna cut up this here turkey”, Harold added. Now Harold brought the knife down to the side of the turkey once again and prepared himself to make the first cut. He added a little pressure to the skin of the turkey but it was a little tough. So he added still even more pressure and the knife started to go in just a little. Just then the crowd gasped and they all took a quick step back. Harold wondered just what was going on now. “I tolds y’all that that there turkey was still a movin'”, someone from the crowd screamed. “Gggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr”, the turkey growled! Harold could not believe his eyes nor his ears. “Hey Sally, I thinks that this here turkey is still alive”, Harold said. “That’s rediculous”, Sally insisted even though she too had heard the growl from the turkey. “Didn’t you hear it growl at me”, Harold asked? “Now let’s cut out all of this silliness, and you cut up that there turkey now”, Sally told Harold.

Harold once again brought the knife to the side of the turkey and tried to cut it. Then the turkey growled again and everyone could see it start to move all around on the tray. And with that the crowd took another quick step backwards. “That there turkey is still a movin'”, someone from the crowd yelled. “It sure enough is still alive”, Harold yelled! Then the 42 pound turkey rolled over onto its stomach and began to squirm around quite a bit more. There was still green stuff oozing out of the rear cavity of the turkey as it began to stand up on what was left of it’s back legs. Everyone’s eyes in the crowd were like giant saucer cups as none of them could believe their eyes. Just then the turkey let out a huge roar. “GGGggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrr”, it said!

“Now you have gots to be kiddin me”, Harold said, as the turkey began to walk to the edge of the table. The turkey gave a mean look back and then all of the sudden let out a huge fart that resulted in a big cloud of green smoke coming out of it’s rear cavity. The turkey then jumped off the edge of the table as everyone in the crowd began to smell the turkey’s fart. “Damn, that there turkey is zombified”, Harold yelled! The cloud of green smoke began to engulf the whole room and everyone in the room got a pretty good whiff of the turkey’s fart. Then the turkey headed for the front door, which someone had left open as they ran from the spectacle. Everyone in the dining room watched as the zombie turkey let out another loud roar and then walked out of the door.