Stanksgiving : Chapter 5

Stanksgiving : Chapter 5


Here’s chapter 5, the final part……..

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Chapter Five: That There Revenge!

Harold and Sally and everyone else at the party were left with more than a little shock at all the events which had just taken place. Everyone was just standing there with a shocked, or in some cases, a terrified look on their faces. “What’s that there smell”, Uncle Larry asked? Everyone then put their noses all up in the air and took another deeper whiff of the green smoke which was still floating up in the air. “I think that that there smell is the fart from that zombified turkey”, Harold said. “I’m feelin’ all dizzy y’all”, Sally said. “Ya, I donts feel at all right neither”, Harold added. Everyone else at the party nodded in agreement that they didn’t feel just right after smelling the green gas.

For Harold, Sally, Uncle Larry, and all of the rest of the guests, the room began to slowly spin as if they were on an amusement park ride. “I don’t thinks I’m a gonna make it”, Harold said. The room began to spin faster and faster, and everybody’s eyes were all goooogelee and spinning, and then nobody could even stand up straight. “I thinks that I’m a gonna pass out there”, Sally said. “Ya, me too”, Uncle Larry agreed. And soon all the guests were overcome from the fumes of the green gas that was left hanging in the air by the fart from the zombie turkey. All of the guests were then passed out on the floor of the dining room, and the green gas was still handing around in the air, refusing to leave and in fact even gaining even more strength with the passing of time.

Meanwhile, the zombie turkey walked down the street, took a left and continued to walk down the road. He knew where he was heading, home. A while later he recognized the smell and look of the little farm house where he was raised and where he had once called home. The zombie turkey couldn’t figure out how to open up the gate which led to the house, so instead he decided to just jump over the fence, and soon he was walking up towards the house. Then he sees a few other turkeys that he recognizes and walks over to where they are at. After a little turkey small talk and reaquiantances all of the turkeys gathered close to where there were plenty of seeds on the ground for the taking.

Not too much longer after all of that, the small farm was full of zombified turkeys. There was a large group of oversized, small-minded, and angry zombie turkeys. And they all recognized who their leader was, the original zombie turkey, and they were all willing to do whatever he wanted them to do and were also willing to go whereever he would lead them. And he knew exactly where he would lead all of the zombie turkeys and he knew he was out for revenge against all of those at the Thanksgiving party who wanted to eat him, and especially Harold who had tried to cut him up. And so he lead the whole pack of zombie turkeys down the road from which he had come and was heading back to the home of Harold and Sally to get some of that there revenge.

A little while later, at the home of Harold and Sally, some of the guests who had been passed out for a considerable amount of time began to stir and a few even began to wake. And soon enough, Harold and Sally also began to stir. Harold had been passed out the longest, probably because he was closest to the green gas and must have breathed the most of it. “What is going on in here”, Harold asked? “Ya, why is we all tieds up and layin’ on this here floor”, Sally asked? “Ya, just what is all goin’ on in here”, Uncle Larry asked? As the guests all began to come to wake up, then soon enough all realized that they were all laying on the floor of the dining room and that they were all tied up. And they realized that they were not alone either. “Now, whats is all these here zombie turkeys a doin’ in here”, Harold asked? “And why do they all have them there knives”, Sally asked?

“Oh Lord, them there zombie turkeys is all fixin’ to eats us”, Harold said. “Now let’s stop all of this here foolishness and we can fights off these here zombie turkeys”, Sally said. But pretty much everybody, including Sally, realized that they were stuck and there was no way that they would be able to avoid being eaten for Thanksgiving. With all of that the zombie turkeys moved in closer with the intent of enjoying their Thanksgiving dinner. “You just had to go and get us one of them there nuclearfied 42 pound turkeys, didn’t you”, Harold said to Sally.